9 Reasons to Visit a Vein Center in Manhattan

Debating Vein Treatment? 9 Reasons to Book an Appointment

If you’re bothered by bulging varicose veins or spindly spider veins on your body, you’re not alone. Up to 50% of adults will develop one or the other in their lifetime. Fortunately, a quick trip to our vein center in Manhattan eliminates the appearance of damaged veins gently and effectively. But cosmetic relief is just one of the reasons to book an appointment. Many people have no visible signs of vein disease at the surface. Here are 9 reasons to head to New York Vein Treatment Clinic for an assessment.

1.Your Legs Feel Abnormally Heavy

Are you beginning to feel like your legs are made of lead? Is it even worse at the end of a long day? Chronic venous insufficiency, the condition that’s often to blame for varicose veins and spider veins, can cause a heavy sensation in your legs, whether or not you can see any damaged veins. This heaviness stems from poor circulation due to valve failure within your leg veins. These faulty valves allow blood to pool in your leg veins. Throughout the day, blood accumulates in the veins, which is why your legs feel heavier as the day goes on. Vein doctors relieve that heaviness by treating the underlying disease.

Are you bothered by how your veins look? That’s a good reason to visit a vein center in Manhattan. But there are many reasons beyond appearance. Here are the top 9.

2.Your Restless Legs Aren’t Letting You Rest

When you finally have a chance to sit down and relax or go to sleep, do your legs have other plans? Do you have crawling, almost electric, sensations, urging you to move around? Do your legs twitch involuntarily, or wake you up in the middle of the night? Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) has multiple causes, but venous insufficiency (the condition behind spider and varicose veins) is closely linked to RLS. In fact, nearly a quarter of patients with RLS also have vein disease. Studies show that treating venous reflux improves RLS, so consult our vein doctors about restless legs.

3.You’re Noticing Unusual Skin Changes

Does your skin seem to be rebelling against you? Are you breaking out in itchy, red, scaly patches, no matter how much you moisturize? Are you seeing blue or brown discoloration on your calves, ankles, or feet? Maybe you have ulcers on your shins that don’t want to heal? You might think you need a dermatological medical center, but these are all signs of vein disease. Stasis Dermatitis, Venous Stasis Ulcers, and Venous Eczema are all signals that your circulation is impaired. Book an appointment at New York Vein Treatment Clinic for a thorough analysis, since the problem is not merely dermatological; it lies beneath the skin.

4.Your Legs Keep Cramping Up

If you’ve ever had a “charley horse,” you hope not to have one again. But patients with venous insufficiency experience these painful muscle spasms often. The sudden muscular contraction can’t be released by your manipulation, it simply relents when it decides to, often cramping in the legs. A charley horse once in a while, particularly during strenuous exercise, might be inconsequential. But, if you have frequent cramping or throbbing in your legs, it’s time to visit our Manhattan vein clinic.

5.Your Socks and Shoes Feel Too Tight

The last time your shoe size changed was probably in middle school. So why, as an adult, are your socks and shoes getting so tight, especially at night? Swelling in the feet and ankles is a common sign of vein disease. The extra pressure that builds in defective leg veins causes lower extremities to swell. Standing and walking increase the pressure on veins, compounding swelling as the day goes on. So before you assume you’ve gained weight, or your feet have grown, visit a vein doctor to see if your veins are behind the swelling. 

6.Your Skin Feels Like It’s Crawling

Are you distracted by nagging skin sensations like burning, irritation, and itching? Check to see if a spider or varicose vein lingers nearby. Unhealthy veins are often located just beneath the surface of the skin, and their symptoms include skin irritation. Visiting a dermatologist or family medical clinic might provide you with anti-itch cream, but that won’t actually fix the problem. Treatment for varicose and spider veins often requires a minimally invasive injection just below the skin’s surface to treat the damaged vein. If your skin sensations are coupled with vein damage, vein centers are the best path to relief.

7.You Have a History of Blood Clots or DVT

If you’ve had blood clots or deep vein thrombosis, it’s even more essential to choose board certified vein doctors to treat your veins. Certain spider and varicose vein treatments aren’t safe for those with blood clots, so don’t seek cosmetic relief from just any medical group. New York Vein Treatment Clinic offers state of the art solutions, provided by Harvard-trained physicians who know how to safely treat patients with coexisting medical conditions.

8.You’re Bleeding Too Easily

Do your superficial leg veins bleed heavily with no more than a minor scratch or bump? When varicose veins are distended, it doesn’t take much impact to cause profuse bleeding. This type of bleeding can be hard to control, so take immediate action by lying down and raising your leg above heart level, while applying pressure with a clean compress. If bleeding doesn’t stop within a minute or two, you might need urgent medical attention. To prevent this outcome, head to our Manhattan vein clinic at the first sign of distended veins, so we can seal them closed proactively and avoid an emergency. 


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9. You’re Unhappy with Your Appearance

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, many patients seek spider or varicose vein treatment because of their bothersome appearance. But other patients dislike the veins but delay treatment for one reason or another. Are you concerned about whether it will hurt, what it will cost, or how long it will take? If you’re unhappy with the look of your veins, but postponing treatment because of these unanswered concerns, contact our award-winning vein clinics. Our doctors are experts at minimally invasive vein care, but they’re also expert instructors, so they’ll put you at ease by walking you through the process.

Eliminate All 9 Concerns at the Top Vein Center in Manhattan

If you’re experiencing any of these 9 concerns, visit New York Vein Treatment Clinic near Penn Station for prompt resolution. Unlike vascular surgeons, we avoid vein stripping surgery, favoring minimally invasive, state of the art solutions for damaged veins. Our procedures are swift, affordable, and most importantly, effective! You deserve to love the way your legs look.
At our vein centers, we make that happen in just a few minutes!




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