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Most people know what unhealthy veins look like. The spindly, weblike telangiectasias known as spider veins, and the twisted, bulging vessels known as varicose veins have a distinctive appearance. But many people don’t know that those veins can also cause frustrating symptoms and hinder your quality of life. For some patients, these veins signal an underlying disease or health issue. If you’re unhappy with the look of your veins or concurrent symptoms, visit New York Vein Treatment Clinic to enhance your wellbeing. Here are 7 ways our vein doctors improve your quality of life.

1. A Vein Treatment Center Enhances Your Vascular Health

One of the most obvious reasons to visit a vein treatment center in New York is to treat damaged veins. Varicose veins and spider veins are often visible at the surface of the skin, so patients seek removal of unsightly veins. But those veins are often caused by an underlying issue called chronic venous insufficiency, which occurs when valves in the veins fail to close, allowing blood to collect in your veins. This intravenous pressure creates the bulging and twisting of varicose veins, or the offshoot of new, dead-end spider veins to manage the accumulation.

If you visit an aesthetic treatment center or medical group that isn’t board certified in venous medicine, they won’t check for this underlying malfunction. So, the results of any treatments you receive won’t last, since problematic veins will continue to form. Schedule an appointment at our accredited, certified New York vein clinic for comprehensive spider and varicose vein treatment and enhanced vascular health.

Looking for the best “vein center near me in New York?” Our renowned vein clinic enhances several aspects of life. Here are 7 ways we improve your wellbeing.

2. A Vein Center Enhances Your Circulation

Defective veins often stem from the valve dysfunction mentioned above. When valves weaken or break inside your veins, leg veins have a harder time circulating blood back to the heart. Since they’re already working against gravity, these veins have a tough task. When spider veins form, blood is routed into useless pathways that don’t travel back to the heart. And when varicose veins form, the blood pools, or flows backward through valves that were designed to close and keep blood flowing upward.

By eliminating these defective valves and veins, our vein doctors route blood into healthier veins that can complete the circulatory task. Our swift, minimally invasive procedures repair circulation issues within minutes, preventing the formation of more damaged veins and the symptoms associated with poor circulation, like swelling, cramping, itching, aching, heaviness, and discoloration. 

3. A Vein Doctor Enhances Your Mobility

When you have venous insufficiency, you’ll find that standing for long periods of time causes uncomfortable symptoms. Your lower legs, ankles, and feet might swell, throb, or feel increasingly heavy as the day goes on. As a result, you might avoid activities where you have to stand for long periods. Things like museums, amusement parks, sightseeing tours, painting your walls, and even washing dishes become increasingly unappealing, limiting your mobility and enjoyment in life.   

Our vein center offers quick relief from these bothersome symptoms, restoring your active lifestyle. In fact, activity helps prevent venous discomfort, so our non-surgical treatments enable you to resume daily activities immediately. Our vein specialists treat the source of defective veins, not just the veins you see on the surface. Don’t let vein discomfort keep you from living life to the fullest. Visit our vein experts today!

4. A Vein Center Enhances Your Sleep Quality

When your legs swell and ache with poor circulation, you long to lay down and rest those heavy legs. But, patients with venous insufficiency often find rest eludes them, since vein disease causes restlessness in the legs. When you want to sleep, your legs won’t cooperate, prompting you to get up and move around to alleviate the restless sensations.

Treating varicose veins and spider veins cosmetically won’t address conditions like Restless Legs Syndrome or the restless sensations common in venous insufficiency. But New York Vein Treatment Clinic treats the medical issues that cause those unhealthy veins, enhancing your quality of sleep. Don’t struggle through your day with tired legs, only to toss and turn through a restless night. Our minimally invasive solutions promote better rest and prevent daily leg fatigue.

5. A Vein Clinic Enhances Your Self-Esteem

Feeling better about how you look is not just about vanity. Psychologists link your appearance self-worth (the way you rate your appearance) directly with self-esteem. It impacts everything from job performance, to confidence, to anxiety. There are certain things about appearance that you can’t change. Maybe you inherited your mom’s height instead of your dad’s or your dad’s feet instead of your mom’s. It’s important to embrace the things that make you unique and place your self-worth in your qualities and character, rather than appearance.

However, there are things about our appearance that are worth changing to enhance both your self-esteem and your health, since they cause either mental or physical symptoms. Examples include an overbite that makes you self-conscious and causes temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, or a deviated septum that slants your nose and impacts breathing, sleeping and speaking. Damaged veins are no different. They affect your appearance-contingent self-worth and they might also present uncomfortable symptoms and health risks like blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, or skin ulcers that fail to heal. Treating veins improves your self-confidence, but it also improves your overall health.

6. A Vein Center Enhances Career Opportunities

If you have or desire a career that requires extended periods of sitting or standing, vascular insufficiency might worsen your prospects. Teachers, healthcare workers, floor managers, restaurant workers, flight attendants, hospitality staff, and hairdressers are just a few professionals who struggle with vein symptoms due to standing all day. Those who sit for long periods, including administrative assistants, truck drivers, pilots, data entry specialists, and writers are also prone to worsened symptoms in their legs, due to impaired circulation.   

Seek spider vein or varicose vein treatment from a qualified vein doctor who will assess you for any health issues contributing to your superficial veins. Through targeted treatment, our doctors destroy faulty valves and pathways so your blood flows optimally, freeing you from discomfort while sitting or standing. Our Harvard-trained team will help broaden your career opportunities with healthy veins.

7. A Vein Clinic Enhances Your Relationships

Are you extra tired at the end of the day? Is putting your feet up and lying down the only thing that sounds appealing? Addressing problems with your veins will re-energize you to engage with friends and family. When your friend invites you to dinner after work, or your child has a baseball tournament hours away, you’ll actually feel like going once your venous health is restored.

You won’t have to miss out on activities that require lengthy sitting or standing, or be distracted by discomfort while you’re there. Feeling and looking better adds that zest for life you might be lacking with poor circulation. At New York Vein Treatment Clinic, we take a holistic approach that incorporates your goals, lifestyle, and preferences in treatment, so you can get back to living life enthusiastically.


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