4 Common Conditions a Vein Center Near NYC Treats

Should You See a Doctor? 4 Conditions Vein Centers Treat

Millions of people develop vein damage, both visible and below the skin’s surface. But how do you know if your unhealthy veins require a doctor? And what will happen when you go? Some patients avoid vein doctors because they assume their damaged veins are only a cosmetic issue. But left untreated, these blood vessels can cause significant symptoms, and they might also signal underlying disease. Schedule an appointment at the top vein center near NYC to see whether you need vein treatment. Here are 4 conditions we commonly treat at our renowned vein clinic.

1. Varicose Vein Treatment

These distinctive veins are easy to spot, since they’re larger, more twisted, and more colorfully pronounced than typical veins. They often bulge beneath the skin, causing a raised area at the surface. Their appearance resembles the twisted roots of a tree. They’re sometimes painful to the touch and might be coupled with skin symptoms like itching, ulcers, swelling, bleeding, or eczema.

Why should you treat varicose veins? For some patients, it’s a matter of self-confidence. Varicose veins can be quite prominent, particularly on the legs, making patients self-conscious of their appearance. For others, treatment improves the correlating symptoms that inhibit their daily life.

And for all patients, varicose vein treatment is important to inquire about because of what causes these veins. Many people develop varicosities because of venous insufficiency, a condition wherein the veins aren’t working correctly. Addressing this disease is important for your health, but also to stop the production of varicose veins. See item # 3 in this list to learn more.  

Are you wondering whether your vein issues require a vein doctor? Here are 4 reasons patients seek a “vein center near me in NYC” and why you should visit one too.

2. Treatment of Spider Veins

Another common issue vein doctors treat is the formation of spider veins. They often result from excess pressure in the vein, due to valve failure, much like varicose veins. But they are also the result of sun damage, injury, and other contributing factors like obesity and heredity. Their appearance is typically thin and spindly rather than engorged and tortuous like varicose veins. Their smaller size makes it uncommon for spider veins to raise the skin’s surface like varicose veins do.

Why should you treat spider veins? Like varicose veins, these damaged veins mar the visual surface of your skin. From redness on your nose, to clusters of reddish-purple veins on your legs, many patients dislike the aging or bruising appearance of spider veins. They also subject many patients to similar discomforts of varicose veins, like heaviness, tiredness, cramping, and skin issues.

In addition, these veins are often the result of the same chronic venous insufficiency that causes varicose veins. Read on to learn why this condition requires evaluation by board certified vein specialists.

3. Chronic Venous Insufficiency

As mentioned, chronic venous insufficiency is at the root of many patients’ unhealthy veins, affecting nearly 40% of the population. It occurs when valves within the veins fail to close properly, allowing retrograde blood flow away from the heart. Since leg veins are designed to move blood only toward the heart, the backward motion creates pooling and pressure in the veins.

That pressure either engorges the veins, which causes the ropelike bulging of varicose veins, or it forces the formation of new, dead-end veins that collect the excess blood (spider veins). Neither of these types of veins are effective at returning deoxygenated blood to the heart. Vein doctors treat this condition a number of ways, including minimally invasive injections that destroy diseased veins and divert the blood into healthier veins.

Why should you treat venous insufficiency? This condition causes a host of uncomfortable symptoms, including the heaviness, achiness, cramping, restlessness, and fatigue mentioned above. Left untreated, it also leads to serious skin issues like ulcers that won’t heal and venous eczema or stasis dermatitis, as well as discoloration and swelling of the lower extremities.

Even more importantly, vein disease signifies that there is a problem in your circulatory system, so it’s important for vein specialists to address. Blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and cardiovascular issues might be averted by investigating your improper blood flow.

4. Skin Conditions

Many patients don’t realize how their skin symptoms correlate with their circulation. Are you struggling with itchiness near your varicose veins? Do you have red, scaly, patches of skin on your legs? Is the skin on your lower extremities tight and swollen at the end of the day? Are your feet, calves, or ankles developing a bluish or rust-colored skin-tone? Do you have creeping, crawling sensations in your skin when you try to sleep? Impaired circulation is often the culprit behind these skin conditions. 

Why should you treat skin conditions? Each of these symptoms can have various causes. For example, atopic dermatitis can result from allergies or an irritant’s contact with the skin. But venous stasis dermatitis has a different causation that requires vein treatment to relent. Swelling of the feet and ankles can be caused by poor circulation, or excess sodium intake, or certain medications. The best way to alleviate these skin symptoms is to find the cause and treat it directly, which is what a vein treatment center will do.

It’s important to address these skin conditions promptly before they worsen. Venous ulcers can become difficult to treat. And inflamed skin might stem from a blood clot or DVT, which in some cases, can break loose and travel to the lungs or brain. Don’t assume your skin issues are merely superficial. Visit New York Vein Treatment Clinic to find the source. A medical group that specializes in veins offers solutions for the skin’s surface, as well as the underlying disease.


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Visit the Top Vein Center Near NYC to Resolve Venous Issues

These are 4 of the most common reasons patients visit our NYC vein clinic, but that’s just scratching the surface. Our board certified vein experts have comprehensive training in multiple fields in addition to venous medicine, which provides our patients with holistic care for their circulatory health.

Our vein center in New York City hosts the best vein specialists and the top minimally invasive technology to treat vein issues quickly, painlessly, and completely. We avoid the invasive, outdated techniques some vascular surgeons use, opting for safer, more effective methods in our renowned medical center. Schedule an appointment at our Manhattan vein treatment clinic near Madison Square Park for a thorough analysis.




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