7 Reasons to Select a Vein Center in New York Carefully

A Universal Problem That Requires an Individual Solution

Spider veins and varicose veins are incredibly common, particularly in adult women. If you’re looking for vein treatment in New York, you won’t have trouble finding someone who offers it. However, offering vein treatment and being qualified to treat veins are quite different. In addition, successfully eliminating those veins is yet another thing altogether, since the cause, symptoms, and health risks vary widely between patients. Visit New York Vein Treatment Clinic for a team of board-certified, highly trained vein experts you can trust for customized vascular care. Here are 7 reasons why it’s so important to choose your vein center in New York carefully.

1.Some Vein Centers Don’t Hire Board Certified Doctors

Doctors are not required to be board certified in venous medicine to deliver vein treatment. This is one reason vein treatment results vary from clinic to clinic. The American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM) was established in 2007 to improve the safety standards and quality of patient care in venous medicine. To be certified, doctors must meet educational and experiential requirements, participate in continuing education through research and training, and pass a rigorous test of their knowledge.

Doctors who haven’t completed this process aren’t guaranteed to provide the safe and effective care you deserve. In addition, some clinics hire board certified doctors, but they aren’t certified in venous medicine. New York Vein Treatment Clinic welcomes physicians with diverse medical backgrounds, since it provides a deeper understanding of venous health. However, each of our vein doctors is also board certified by the ABVLM.

New Yorkers have several options for vein care. However, many options aren’t wise choices. Here are 7 reasons to be selective about a vein center in New York.

2.Some Vein Clinics Don’t Check for Vein Disease

One of the key reasons to choose a doctor board certified in venous medicine is that the veins you see on the surface are often just one piece of the puzzle. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons only treat the cosmetic appearance of veins and don’t look to see what’s causing the problem. As a patient, that ends up wasting your time and money, particularly since those types of procedures aren’t covered by insurance.

Venous insufficiency is a common circulatory issue where the valves in your veins malfunction, allowing blood to collect in the veins. This creates too much pressure on the venous walls, resulting in enlarged, tortuous varicose veins, or the offshoot of new thread veins called spider veins (or telangiectasias). Cosmetic procedures won’t address this underlying disease, so the problem keeps coming back. Skip the frustration of recurrent, chronic vein development, by choosing our NY vein doctors, who always check for the presence of underlying disease.  

3.Some Vein Specialists Aren’t Trained on Their Equipment

In prior generations, most doctors only treated the spider veins or varicose veins they could see at the surface, until the use of vascular ultrasound enabled doctors to locate problems in deeper veins. Now ultrasound technology is used in everything from the location of damaged veins (duplex scans), to the precise delivery of medication (VenaSeal, ClariVein, Sclerotherapy) and the observance of a treatment’s effects throughout the vein.

Some vein doctors rely on ultrasound technicians or assistants to operate the ultrasound machine, but venous medicine requires a doctor who’s trained in ultrasound-guided procedures. It’s quite different from an ultrasound used to detect pregnancy or cancer. In vein clinics, the ultrasound machine often guides the actual treatment via tiny needles or state of the art catheters. Trust the doctors at New York Vein Treatment Clinic who are highly trained in these procedures.

4.Some Vein Treatment Centers Aren’t Minimally Invasive

Check the training and philosophy of vein doctors closely before booking an appointment. Some doctors use invasive surgical procedures or uncomfortable laser treatments that leave patients with pain and scarring. In addition, invasive treatments have a longer recovery period, requiring time off work and away from your activities. Look to see if the vein center specializes in surgery or is run by vascular surgeons to help prevent unnecessarily invasive treatment.

Minimally invasive treatments have a proven track record of providing better results with less risk, discomfort, and expense, in a much quicker timeframe. Our NYC vein clinic treats deeper veins in 15-30 minutes, and surface veins in 5-10 minutes! Our gentle numbing solutions and precise injections eliminate pain, so you can be on your way, fully engaged in your life the moment the treatment is done.

5.Some Vascular Surgeons Use Outdated Treatments

The meaning of “varicose” stems from a Greek word Hippocrates used in 460 BC, meaning “grapelike.” It’s clear that these problematic veins have a long history. Unfortunately, some vascular surgeons still use historical methods for vein treatment, like the stripping surgeries developed at the turn of the 20th century that employ hooks and wires to remove the vein.

While the vein stripping procedure has evolved a bit, it still involves pain, scarring, risks, and a crude technique compared to the minimally invasive techniques now favored by vein specialists. Visit our vein experts before consulting a vein surgeon, since that procedure is largely obsolete, except in rare cases for patients with blood clots or remarkably tortuous veins.  


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6.Some Vein Treatment Clinics Don’t Explain Costs

Vein treatments are either considered cosmetic or medically necessary by insurance companies, and many vein centers don’t explain that to patients, nor do they help patients determine their coverage.

When vein care is provided by our board certified doctors, we offer several options that your insurance covers and we’re transparent about the price of options your carrier doesn’t cover. Our preferred treatments are also the ones most patients achieve coverage for, so many patients have no out-of-pocket expenses.

In addition, our caring insurance team works hard to acquire the best coverage for you, filing all paperwork on your behalf. If your plan requires a trial of certain treatments, or a doctor’s confirmation of symptoms prior to a procedure, we’ll take the necessary steps to meet those requirements. Our treatments are far more affordable than surgery and far gentler to our patients.

7.Some Vein Doctors in New York Are Unapproachable

If you’re uneasy about how your veins look, or uneasy about vein treatment, the last thing you want is a doctor who doesn’t put you at ease. Many NY vein doctors are too hurried to answer your questions or explain all the options to you.

Our vein experts value your input and are available to address your concerns at any point in the process. We know how quick, painless, and satisfying the results of our treatments are, and we’re excited to show you why we’re the best at what we do!

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