What Are the Different Diagnostic Tests Used by Vein Doctor near Me NY to Diagnose Vein Disease?

If you are experiencing symptoms such as spider veins, varicose veins, achy legs, or fatigue, you should seek out a vein doctor near me NY to determine if these symptoms are due to vein disease. When you make an appointment with a vein doctor at a reputable vein clinic, the vein specialist will conduct a test called a Duplex Ultrasound.

What is a Duplex Ultrasound?

You might have heard of ultrasounds in the context of pregnancy, but it can be used anywhere on the body to produce black-and-white images on the inside of the body. A Duplex Ultrasound takes the typical ultrasound one step further by incorporating Doppler, which shows the vein doctor the speed and direction of blood flow in a blood vessel. This helps then determine if the blood is having difficulty passing through the veins, if it is travelling in the opposite direction, and if there are veins or parts of the body that are just not receiving enough blood. These are all indicators of venous insufficiency.

What happens during a Duplex Ultrasound?

This ultrasound imaging test only takes about 30 minutes and is non-invasive, as there is no radiation or injection of any medication. The process begins with application of a warm gel to the legs to allow a device called a transducer to transmit sound waves that produce images of blood vessels that show up on a computer monitor connected to the transducer.

The ultrasound technician at the vein center near me will start by imaging the deep veins in the legs to make sure there are no blood clots or, in rare cases, deep venous reflux. Then they look at the saphenous veins (GSV and SSV) to see if there is blood flow in the wrong direction, which means the valves in the veins are not working. A tiny amount of blood flow in the wrong direction is considered normal, but blood flow for more than 500 milliseconds (1/2 of one second) in the wrong direction is called venous reflux.

What are the different diagnostic methods used to diagnose for vein disease? A vein doctor near me NY talks through two diagnostic tests and how they are used to determine if you have a vein disease.


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After this, they trace any varicose veins to see where they lead, and this information can help the vein doctor develop an appropriate treatment plan. 99% of the time, duplex ultrasound is the only test needed to diagnose vein disease. In rare instances, vein doctors will also use Magnetic Resonance Venogram and CT Venogram to further investigate, but these diagnostic tests are not recommended in most cases.

Compression Stockings

The concept and implementation of compression stockings to improve circulation came from Roman soldiers, who used to wrap leather straps around their legs to improve circulation of blood while marching.

Compression socks improve blood circulation by applying pressure around the ankles and feet, thus pushing more blood to the heart. These stockings can be useful to help doctors distinguish vein disease from other causes of leg pain. For example, if a patient has significant achiness, but only a small amount of reflux on the duplex ultrasound, a vein doctor may ask the patient to wear compression stockings and ask them to report if they feel better at the end of the day when wearing stockings compared to when they don’t.

Although there are many compression socks available over-the-counter or online, it’s important to get properly fitted for compression stockings by a vein doctor at a vein center near me. Different types of compression socks apply varying levels of pressure, so getting a proper fitting from a vein doctor will help you stay safe by avoiding excess pressure on your legs if it is not necessary.

In addition to use of compression stocking as a diagnostic tool, some insurance companies may require a patient to try stockings prior to treating the vein disease. Although vein doctors would always recommend treatment right away, insurance companies tend to avoid paying for procedures if possible. Compression socks cannot treat varicose veins permanently, but they can minimize some of the symptoms and pain for the time that they are worn, and will help reach a diagnosis that will inform long-term vein treatment.

Where can I find a vein doctor near me NY to get diagnostic tests for vein disease?

If you have spider veins or varicose veins, and need to determine if you have a vein disease, it is essential to set up an appointment with a specialist in venous medicine at a vein center to report your symptoms and get a professional evaluation. The doctor may recommend that you get a Duplex Ultrasound, compression socks, or both.

If you get an appointment for a Duplex Ultrasound, be sure to hydrate and avoid caffeine on the day of an ultrasound. The bigger the veins are, the easier it is to see venous reflux, and caffeine causes venous vasoconstriction, so it is best to avoid it. In addition, keep in mind that at a vein treatment center, the ultrasound is performed in a warm room with the patient in the standing position to maximize the amount of blood in the veins in the legs.

If you are recommended by your vein doctor to wear compression socks, you should wear them during the day so that blood does not pool in the lower legs. if you wear compression socks at night, prop your legs up to encourage blood flow in the right direction. Even if the stockings aren’t a good long-term solution, they can be useful for diagnostic purposes to eventually lead to vein treatment that can result in lasting results.

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